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Southern Lancastrians Investigating Mysterious Events 


Our Mission to our Clients...
to believe you, to help you, and to stand by you. To give you truthful answers and opinions, and get you the help you need and deserve.
Our Mission to our Public...
to educate you, to involve you, and help you understand and enjoy the spiritual world and possibilities.
Our Mission to our Team...
to educate you, to respect your opinions and religion, to support you through your journey to understand the paranormal, to learn with you, and most importantly, to make this environment enjoyable.

SLIME, is dedicated to helping clients determine what is going on in their home or business, whether it be paranormal or not, free of charge. We consider this a "Cause", because sometimes events that a client is experiencing are so upsetting, that they need help to either put their minds at ease, or deal with the problem, so we come in and listen to their concerns, look for natural explanations, attempt to document the paranormal activity (if there is any), and then help the client move on from there. We also enjoy hosting events at known haunted locations where the public can get involved, become informed, and explore the possibilities of a spirit-world.


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