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Our Story 

Many moons ago Kelsey & Olivia met through a mutual love of horses! They took lessons together and spent much of their time hanging out at a Barn. One day, Olivia let it slip that in addition to her passion of Horses, she was much intriqued by the paranormal, and had been an investigator for several years. Bravely, Kelsey agreed to go on her first ever ghostly mission with Olivia, at the Bucksville House B&B, and she was hooked.  The night was filled with thumps that made them jump, shadows that made them shiver, white misty figures that made them scream!  When the active part of the investigation was at an end, they hid under blankets staring at each other giggling to cover up the sound of their terrified hearts pounding, daring each other to close their eyes as disembodied whispers occasionally shattered their eerily silent room.

Since then the Dynamic-Boo-O, have investigated several locations with each other as well as occasionally working with other teams.  While investigating the paranormal is is a source of amusement for the pair, they have found a true purpose in helping the community when the things that go bump in the night are unwelcome and causing discord in lives of the living. 

Some of their favorite Haunts are The Brinton Lodge, The Jennie Wade House, and of course The Bucksville House B&B.  

While they both have a healthy fear of the dark and what lurks within it, their curiosity and hunger for answers drives them to venture out, while the rest of the living slumber.

Be sure to read their individual “Greetings” to learn more about them, and other members of the team!

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